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Croos | The hidden workspace in Crooswijk

Croos is one of the hidden gems in the neighborhood Crooswijk. While this hood was really; ‘da Hood’ a few years ago, has now flourished in a district where everybody wants to live in,

croos, digital nomad, office, workspace, rotterdamWhen the owners started this place was a little bit smaller, and in a year time, they have expanded. Croos is now double in size, and that means double the space to set up a mobile office! You have the main entrance, and from there you can choose where you want to hang out. If you want some more cozy-ness, and you do not feel like sitting in the spotlight, you can find the space with the big sofa, where you can make yourself feel at home. The other space has less the cozy feeling, but I love the light that is coming in. The room itself is already spacious, but the big windows and the natural light are making it enormous (ish). They even have incorporated power sockets in on of the tables, where you can work by yourself or with a friend (Yay, for digital nomad friends). My favorite spot was near the main entrance, pretty much next to the kitchen. The tables are roomy enough to work, eat and drink coffee at the same time. So you do not have to worry that coffee will spill over your laptop or other stuff unless you are clumsy like me 😉

croos, digital nomad, office, workspace, rotterdam croos, digital nomad, office, workspace, rotterdamSince party always ends in or near the kitchen, I might as well tell you all about the food. Like most of the coffee bars/lunch spots, they are going with seasonal products, so that means that the menu changes once in a while. So the more reason to drop by, get work done and taste the new menu! Not really in that order ;).

You can find them here: Exercitiestraat 2, Rotterdam | | | Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday 930 till 1700 | Friday – Sunday 930 till 1800

  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambiance
  • Powersockets


Croos is located in one of the most upcoming neighborhoods of Rotterdam band also a perfect place for meetings and for setting up your mobile office.

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