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Kitchen Basics | Deseed A Pomegranate Like A Pro.

I can’t remember the first time I ever ate a pomegranate. What I do remember is that I was trying to eat it with a spoon; assuming that you could dig your way in like you would eat a grapefruit. But boy, what was I wrong. I got a full on splatter fest all over my shirt, my face and everything that was surrounding me. After that I tried to peel the kernels out of the membrane. In the end I just gave up because it was too much work for such small seeds. Ever since this experience, I haven’t touched one again unless it was in a ready to eat package.


Photos by Ivar de Jong

Until the day I was watching a TV show and a guy (Thanks, Mr. Oliver!) showed what the easiest, least messy way was to get those kernels out of the shell. Now, I always have one or two pomegranates laying around for breakfast with some buck-nola (just a fancy name for buckwheat granola) or toasted buckwheat seeds to add to salads or my morning smoothie. Besides that they have this lovely sweet and sour taste, they are loaded with antioxidants to fight of free radicals before they cause disease or premature aging. They are packed with potassium which is a nutrient you need to keep up your energy levels. It gives your immune system a boost and it keeps your heart healthy because of the tannins. You can say it is a superfruit! Although, it’s technically a berry. Really.


So here it is, the 101 on ‘How to de-seed a pomegranate like pro’.

All you need:

1 big bowl
1 wooden spoon
a pomegranate

Roll the pomegranate between your hands to loosen up the seeds. Cut the pomegranate in half horizontally. Hold the half with the open side on your palm above a big bowl. Grab your wooden spoon and whack the cr*p out of it. Not too hard, because you don’t want the skin to break. After a few good whacks you will feel the seeds falling trough your fingers. Just keep rotating and hitting at the same time so that you get all the seeds out. Well, there you have it: a nice batch of seeds. You may wanna sift it through to remove some of the membrane that sneaked in.


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