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Kleinhandel | Largest place in town.

Located in the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw, you can find Kleinhandel. A big play/workplace for kleinhandelaars (roughly translated: small traders).
workspaces, kleinhandel, rotterdam, design, coworking, flex desk,When we say big, we mean it is enormous. With over almost 10.000m2 this is by far the most abundant space we have encountered this year. Kleinhandel started three years ago with just a handful of entrepreneurs, and now, they are even expanding! The founders carefully selected the ambitious companies from over 25 sectors to join them. Moreover, they created works these open spaces were smaller entrepreneurs without a team can rent a flex-desk or a fixed-desk. These areas are spacious with little corners where to sit at if you do not feel like sitting at the big tables. Alternatively, you can make your self at home, and get work done while sitting on the couch. No biggie. Unlike places that we have visited before, the atmosphere is very calm. This spot is perfect when you are working for a corporate company, and are in need of a quiet environment to have, for example, a web-conference. Alternatively, if you work for any other companies that require you to focus on meeting targets. Moreover, to get you going, they have a coffee station where you can get coffee. The beans are from the Dutch company; Douwe Egberts. We usually know these from the crappy machines, but this fancy one gives you way too many options. Even though it is not from a fancy roastery and not made by a real barista, it did satisfy our need for a strong coffee.
workspaces, kleinhandel, rotterdam, design, coworking, flex desk, workspaces, kleinhandel, rotterdam, design, coworking, flex desk,

Food on the other hand (we know, food is essential), they are still working on that. Kleinhandel does not have a lunch/coffee bar yet. However, that may come in the future. Until then, you can enjoy lunch on Thursdays made possible by one of the small traders in the building; eattheharvest.nl. Fresh, healthy meal to keep you going! On the all the other days; you can bring own lunch or grab your lunch at Central Station. If you do; find Uit je eigen Stad, they have delicious grilled cheese sandwiches ;).

You can find them here: Groot Handelsgebouw
Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam | http://www.kleinhandel.org/ | Email: hello@kleinhandel.org |

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  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambiance
  • Powersockets


Located just next to Rotterdam Central Station, you can find Kleinhandel. A big play/workplace for kleinhandelaars. With almost over 10000m2, this is easily the biggest place in Rotterdam, where you can rent an office, flex-desk or fixed desk.

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