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Lot & Daan | The tropical livingroom

When we heard about the newest this new tropical livingroom (including trees and rattan swings), there was no doubt that we had to rush to Lot & Daan to check it out for our selfs.
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Lot & Daan opened their place just around the corner of CitizenM. When entering, the first things that are very noticeable is the pink (!) wall, the tree in the middle of the space and the swinging chairs dangling from the high ceiling. The pink wall has a large wall bench with outlets for laptops and a USB-hub for a phone or tablet (winnings). The roundtables are not suitable for a party of two, but they are happy to change the tables if it suits you better. If you are planning to work or have meetings with your friends or colleagues, they also have a notable table where you can sit down. If you feel a bit lazy, there is a cozy corner next to the lady with the lush hair. The place is spacious and what made us very happy; THE COLORS! It gives the big room, the warm vibes it needs. Lot & Daan is opened from early in the morning till late in the afternoon. So, whether you are an early bird or you like to start very slow; You can drop by anytime to start your day. They serve healthy breakfast to get you started, lunch to keep you going and coffee to get you to the finish. Our choice of a meal: avocado on toast ;).

rotterdam, workspace, lot & daan, pink wall, interior, photography rotterdam, workspace, lot & daan, pink wall, interior, photographyWe already talked about the vibe but, we love it; the staff is friendly and with all the tropical colors; we are happy to pretend that we are working on an exotic island. It does make working ten times better. Although, it would be even better if we were really on a tropical island.

PS: they are still working on the smaller things, adding more plants, art and place power sockets. So forgive them for the little kinks 😉

You can find them here: Gelderseplein Rotterdam | https://www.facebook.com/lotdaan/ | Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 7:30 – 17:00 Friday – Saturday 7:30 – 19:00

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