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Nine Bar | Old school to new school

The name Nine Bar might be new, but the coffee is the same one that they served when it was known as Urban Espresso Bar. Just a few walks away from the Grote Markt. It was the first coffee bar that established itself in Rotterdam and the place where I learned to enjoy an espresso macchiato.
nine bar, coffee bar, digital nomad, coffee, workspaceMonths ago it was taken over by brand new owners; they renamed the bar Nine Bar. A referral to the pressure of 9 Bar to make a perfect espresso. I have to admit; they are still making the perfect espresso every single time. Alternatively, a perfect cappuccino or a latte or even just black coffee. This place is small and nine (no pun intended) out of the ten times, it is always crowded especially on market days (Tue – Sat) and lunch hours. However, if you are early, you can find yourself a nice seat at the reading table, it is big enough for two if you are co-working (the power sockets are mounted und the table ;)). Alternatively, you can hang out at the window seat. Since the re-branding, there is also a new menu! We all know that moving mountains requires good food to give you the energy to do that. They have a great menu with healthy options like chia pudding and salads. However, they still have their signature Schwarzwalderham ham with old Dutch cheese toastie. If you do not want to drink coffee all day, you can alternate between juices or a smoothie.nine bar, rotterdam, coffee bar, digital nomad, coffee, workspaceWhen you are entering the bar, you will notice that it is not your regular cozy coffee bar. The owners wanted a more robust feel to it, with darker colors. This coffee bar might not be big, but the high ceilings and the light that comes in give it an open feeling in spite of the darker colors.

You can find them here: Botersloot 44 A, Rotterdam | | | Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 900 till 1730 | Sunday – Monday 930 till 1800

  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambiance
  • Powersockets


This place never fails when you are looking for a spot to get work done. With a strong coffee by your side, your work will be done in a jiffy.

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