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Baker & Moore | More than just a lunchroom

Remember the time, when you were a little munchkin, and your mom/dad always yelled at you for playing with your food? Well, I found a place where you can DIY your sandwich (without getting your hands dirty) and work at the same time.baker and moore workspaceYou can find Baker & Moore right in the Centre of Rotterdam. Snuggled in between the big office buildings. They are open from early in the mornings until late afternoon. So you can sit there all day if you want to. You will find the workspaces on the first floor, with enough power sockets to save a country, fast wifi. It might be a little bit dark upstairs, but it does make things very cozy. While you are working the lovely people of Baker & Moore are walking around to make sure you won’t starve. If you are hungry, grab one of the healthy breakfast or create your sandwich. That means you can choose your favorite bread, toppings, and mo(o)re toppings! I like mine plain and straightforward. Whole wheat, smoked salmon, and cream cheese. Another bonus point, if you are vegan or vegetarian or even gluten-intolerant, they have enough options.baker and moore workspacebaker and moore workspaceBaker bakes mo(o)re than crunchy, fluffy bread. They also make their healthy slow juices. So if you are not in the mood for coffee or if you already have your daily dose of caffeine, they will happily serve you a colorful juice.

You can find them here: Westblaak 147, Rotterdam
| | | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 730 – 1700 Saturday – Sunday 900 – 1700

  • Coffee
  • Wifi
  • Ambience
  • Powersockets
  • Lunch


Located right in Rotterdam city center, this place is perfect to set up your office. They are open from early in the morning till late in the afternoon, so you can hang out all day if you want to. They even have a first floor where you hide to get work done.

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