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het Vroesenpaviljoen | Taking your work outdoors (ish)

When you are working in the office and you see the sun shines brightly outside (not happening very often in The Netherlands) the first thing you want to do is, pack your office, go outside and pop up your office on a terrace. And guess what, I found the perfect place for you!



Het Vroesenpaviljoen provides every necessity you need to work with the comfort of your own home with a very, very big backyard full of people. The place isn’t spacious, I think small is even a better word, but it is extremely cozy and has a ton of light. And when it is very warm you can also set up the office at the roofed terrace that is connected to the building. They also have a terrace with smaller tables underneath the trees. Not really suitable to put your laptop to good use but definitely a great spot to have a small lunch meeting. They have a lovely menu; Try the sandwich¬†with pumpkin or grab a croquet van Rolf and if you are really an early bird, you can also have a breakfast. I would go for the blueberry pancakes if I were you ;). Don’t worry about the coffee. They serve on of Rotterdam finest; Man met bril koffie.


This workspace is situated in the Vroesenpark. One of the most popular parks in Rotterdam. When the first warm summer day appears, the park is soon flooded with people in their bikini’s, shorts and cute summer dresses. That means, that after you are done with work, you can jump in and join your friends! Or they can join you because this place has a great selection of snacks (mushroom bitterballs from Rotterzwam!) and alcoholic drinks as well.

Find them here: Vroesenlaan 60 3039 DZ Rotterdam | 010 700 80 30| info@vroesenpaviljoen.nl| http://vroesenpaviljoen.nl | Opening hours: Monday РThursday 11:00 Р18:00 | Friday 11:00-21:00 | Saturday РSunday 10:00-21:00

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