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Hopper Noord | Tiny workplace with mighty coffees.

Today I’m introducing one of my favorite spots in the North of Rotterdam! I was already a big fan Hopper when they opened their first location in the Centre but my heart made a little jump of joy when they opened a second location in 2015; Just around the corner of my house.

hop_dub_5This branch is al little smaller in space than its bigger brother, but the coffee still tastes the same here. If you drop by, the first thing you will notice the big coffee roaster in the back of the shop. Yes, the owner is still roasting his coffee beans since they opened in 2010. The place is small, and the atmosphere is relaxed and chill. During the week it isn’t super crowded so it perfect to set up your mobile office to get some work done. Grab a window seat or take a seat at the big table. Although sometimes you have to share with other pop-up offices 😉 My favorite hiding spot is the table next to the kitchen. I mean, the kitchen is where al the magic happens, and the parties always end. Or grab a window seat. Order your favorite coffee with a croissant, apple date cake or a cookie. Or, if you are starving, order one of the sandwiches. Not do they roast their coffee but they also bake their sourdough bread. It is hands down the best bread in Rotterdam.hop_dub_4hop_dub_2One little side note; the staff may want to pay a bit more attention to their customer even when it is not busy in the shop. Other than that, I’m not complaining.

You can find them here: Zwaanshals 474, Rotterdam | http://www.hopper-coffee.nl | info@hopper-coffee.nl | Opening Hours: Mon – Fri from 900 till 1800 Sat – Sun from 1000 till 1800

  • Coffee/lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambience
  • Powersockets


Hopper is perfect if you need to get work done. The coffee and the lunch is mighty enough to get you trough the day.

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