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Kek Delft | A (work)place for everybody

The perks of not having an office? You can set up your office everytime and everywhere! That means you can have as many coffees and pieces cakes as you want. And at Kek Delft, they have many options to choose from┬áthe every changing menu.kek delft, Delft, workspace, food, digital nomads, students, expatsKek Delft is a buzzing little place that you can find hidden along the canal side in Delft. When entering you will notice how cozy the place is with a very eye-catching interior (juice bar anyone?). It’s not very big, but it goes way into the back. You have small tables that go with the wooden bench, perfect if you are having small lunch meetings. Small cozy corners in the back, small high tables, and two big tables where you can sit comfortable to do your work. From students tot moms to tourist, everybody knows how to find this place. So, it may be a little bit to sometimes crowded to set up your office.

They do not only serve great coffees (coffee roaster are on rotation) and special tea. It gets even better when you take a look at the menu. From home-made breakfast (go for the warm crumble with yogurt) to drop dead tasty sandwiches to super healthy raw snacks from some local suppliers. And if you are not in the mood for a cup of Joe, you can always go for tea or a healthy juice straight from the juice bar.
kek delft, Delft, workspace, food, digital nomads, students, expatskek delft, Delft, workspace, food, digital nomads, students, expatsWe couldn’t resist buying some gifts here; they have a little market where they sell all sort of items from local artists. And you want to have it all.

You can find them here: Voldersgracht 27, Delft | | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday from 830 till 1800 Saturday – Sunday from 900 till 1800

  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambiance
  • Powersockets


Kek Delft is a (work)place for everybody. Whether you have meeting, or you need to study or get some work done. If you are looking for a place where it is bursting with energy, this is your place.

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