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Noc Noc | Not your ordinary coffee

Sometimes it is a good idea to grab your laptop and switch your workspace for another one. It is a great way to boost your creativity, get some new inspiration and fresh new energy. And with that many places & spaces to discover, I bring you the coffee places where you can work, meet up and sip the finest coffee’s at the same time. So let’s get started!

Noc Noc may sound like a little funky, and they are! Because this is not only a coffee bar that serves no ordinary coffee. You can also drop by for a casual gin-tonic, beer or a wine. Whether that is before or after work, I’ll let you decide ;).



This is probably one of my favorite places in Rotterdam to get some work done. From the mornings till half way the day you will see people come in and make themselves comfortable at the small tables or in the window seats with their laptops. The place is not that spacious and you can easily join your neighbors conversation but it is very cozy, it is light and the place makes you feel like home. Most important, the WIFI is on point.


Although it is not only a coffee bar, they do serve excellent coffees. From a simple espresso till a perfect latte or a lovely filter coffee. Choose from their regular coffee roasters (Bocca Coffee Roasters) or ask for the special. Can’t choose? Just ask the barista, they are happy to help. If you are getting hungry, don’t worry, they also make love sandwiches and soups.

You can find them here: Botersloot 28a, Rotterdam | | Open Mon-Fri: 8:00 till 2000 Sat-Sun: 1000 till 2000

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