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Sugo | Who said pizza and work don’t go together?

I need coffee! That is one of the things you might scream after half day of work. Well, pack your little office and go out! Sometimes you need a little break from the slur grab a coffee and maybe a snack or two. When I talk about snack, this time I headed of to Sugo for their famous pizza and coffee.



Sugo is one of the places that you will never expect to be a great place to work. Because who needs pizza when you have coffee right? It is quite small and it can get very busy during lunchtime but the way they set up the place doesn’t make it feel very crowded. You can easily set up your office at the small bar (with power sockets for your laptop) or pick your table at the long wooden bench. Order at the bar and in a blink of the eye, your order is ready and served at your table. The small downside, you might smell a little bit like pizza after spending some time there but, the way too many pizza options makes up for everything. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (!).


I had the joy of eating a slice or two (oops). To be honest, I don’t even like pizza but I liked it because this is not your average pizza. I told the girl who works there, that it tasted more like very fluffy, soft bread with great toppings. They could step up their coffee game a little bit more but then again, there is nothing a cookie filled with chocolate can’t solve.

You can find them here: Aert van Nesstraat 20, Rotterdam
|| Openingh ours: Sunday – Thursday from 11:00 till 21:00 | Friday – Saturday from 11:00 till 22:00

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