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Something typical Dutch

Where fall is just around the corner, there is no denying that we are slowly crawling back to our blanket castles and eat as much comfort food as we can get our hands on. Speaking of comfort food.


Growing up in a typical Chinese family, my parents didn’t really embrace the typical Dutch kitchen. My dad was a real China man and needed his portion rice every day. I remember the time we went to Paris when he brought his rice cooker but forgot a travel adapter (HA!). My mom was little more adventurous, though. One time she tried to make mashed potatoes with endive because I insisted that we had to try this thing called “Stampot” aka Mash Pot, a typical Dutch winter dish. My mom and I ended up eating all of it. We gave my dad his rice with leftovers from the day before (a woman has to do what a woman has to do!). My verdict then was that I did not really liked it and mom never cooked it again, ever. Neither did I. I like my comfort food but not mashed into an unrecognizable pile of mush. I might as well throw it all in the blender to make a potato smoothie (well no, that’s a lie!)



So, for the love of vegetables I’ve made up this typical Dutch winter dish without turning the greens into a pile of baby food. I mean, if you find lovely purple and green kale on the farmers market, it is a waste to mash them up! The kale is the base of this “warm” salad. Massage it with some lemon juice, add some apple for some sweetness and you probably want to eat it at that moment even without the potatoes! Beside that kale is king when it comes to healthy greens, it is low in calories but packed with nutrients. Loaded with vitamin K(ale), which is essential to prevent bone fractures, heart diseases and even calcification of the arteries. Kale is an excellent source of vitamin A, C, B6, and manganese. It is also a very good source of dietary fibers and minerals. All combined, kale is a superstar amongst greens.

So with no further ordeal, lets get started. Ow wait, just a quick note before you dig in.

1. While you can use any kind of potatoes. I initially even wanted to add some purple potatoes (Yes, just for its color), but unfortunately, I couldn’t find them. If you find them, they make your patties look even more awesome.
2. If you are a strict vegan, leave out the egg. It might loosen up during the frying process, so be careful when you flip them.
3. Replace the yogurt in the dressing with a little lemon juice or some apple vinegar.

Kale salad

5 or 6 large stems kale (stems removed and chopped)
1 apple (hard but sweet) (grated)
2 – 3 tbs yogurt
juice of half a lemon
3 tbs olive oil or sunflower oil
1 clove garlic (minced)
pinch of salt and black pepper
handful of dill (finely)

In a small jar add the yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt. Put the lid on and give it a good shake till everything is well blended. Put aside.

Remove the leaves from the stems and chop them up. Give them a good rinse to remove any dirt. Drain them well. In a big bowl add the kale, dill and pour the yogurt mixture over. Go in with your hands and give the kale a massage. The acid in the dressing will make soften up the leaves. If everything is covered, set a side.

Before serving, grate the apple, add the dill into the bowl and give it another good toss.

Potato burgers
makes about 10 – 15 medium

1 kg potatoes (unpeeled, cut in quarters or smaller)
1 egg
1 clove garlic (chopped finely)
1/2 red onion (chopped finely)
1/2 tbsp coarse sea salt
1 tbs grounded black pepper
1 tbs mustard
2 tbs dill (chopped finely)

Give the potatoes a good scrub because we are leaving the skin on. Cut them in quarterers. You may want to cut the potatoes smaller if they are very big. Fill a big pan with water and cook till the potatoes are soft enough to put a fork trough. Discard the water and let the potatoes cool down till you can pick them up without burning your hands.

When the potatoes cooled down enough, add all the other ingredients except for the egg. Dig in with your hands to mash up the potatoes and to mix all the ingredients. If you are halfway, add the egg to bind the potatoes and give it another good toss. The mixture should resemble a potato mash with bits and bites of potatoes.

Dust some flour on your working surface and make a small/medium patty. Put on the dusted surface and dust a little more flour on the top of the patty. Repeat till you don’t have any of the mash left.

Heat a small layer of oil in a skillet on medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the patties. Fry until the patties turn golden on both sides. Put them aside on a plate layered with some kitchen paper to soak up some oil. Don’t worry if you made too much, you can freeze all the leftovers in for the next time 🙂

Layer them on the salad and serve immediately.


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