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Spaces Rotterdam | My place to work.

Remember this first article about Spaces Rotterdam? Well, after writing that article I had the pleasure to hang out at Spaces Rotterdam for a little while. So I could see and experience for myself how it is to be a part of a membership-based business club.spaces works hofplein digital nomads officeWell, I can recommend it to everybody who needs a flexible, relaxed and yet a professional office without dressing up in a suit every day. The atmosphere is great, the work energy is high, and the coffee is strong enough to keep you going for a while. The location is perfect, just 5 minutes away from my house, so it was easy to go there in the morning to get work done before leaving to visit another Places & Spaces location. My favorite spot to work; one of the cubicles on the ground floor. I love hanging around the crowd but working in the big area distracts me way too much from writing so this was the perfect solution. If I needed more privacy, I could also hide away in the silence space. A well-designed room where you can hang out whenever you need to focus on presentations, meetings, writings anything for that matter. The room looks amazing, filled with designer furniture, high ceilings but has the feeling of a big, home-library. Your choice to sit neatly at the desk or you can make yourself at home in the cozy living room corner. Oh, did I tell you that they have an excellent coffee & lunch corner? You can start with breakfast and end your day with a glass of wine.spaces works hofplein digital nomads office spaces works hofplein digital nomads officeThis business club the ideal place to work, meet and connect with other members of this community. The word business club may sound a bit scary but don’t worry; everybody can sign up for membership. Check it out here. AND, if you have a membership it will give you access to all Spaces worldwide locations during office hours. Check this page for all the locations. That is a great feature if you are traveling a lot.

You can find them here: Hofplein 20, Rotterdam | | | Phone:+31 (0)10 310 0800 | Opening hours for members: Monday – Friday from 800 – 1800

  • Coffee/lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambience
  • Powersockets


This business club is your ideal place to work, meet and connect with other members of this community. With wifi faster than sound and coffee to boost your workforce.

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