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Spaces Rotterdam | ‘Your place to work’

Not having an office is perfect if you know that you are more productive when you don’t have to sit in a cubicle but what happens when you’ve outgrown all the coffee places, and you need something with a slightly more professional touch? Well, I got the solution; Spaces.spaces business members workspaceSpaces is located just a few minutes away from Rotterdam Central station and situated in one of the first high-rise buildings in Rotterdam. This impressive concrete building houses a dozen (definitely more!) small entrepreneurs, start-ups, and well-known established companies. I may not be a designer, but as a photographer this place makes my heart sing. The interior is carefully designed by London-based designer Sevil Peach, and the whole ground floor is filled with iconic design items. When you are a member, you have access to the superfast Wifi, great coffee, and lunch and not to forget; you can hang out on three different levels. You can hang out on downstairs at one of the (big) tables or, if you need some extra privacy, there are enough boots where you can hide. On the first floor, you can even find the quiet room if you need to get work done. Personally one of my favorites. I mean; LOOK AT THOSE COLORS! I have to admit; I am charmed by this place. This business club is your ideal place to work, meet and connect with other members of this community. And guess what? Everybody can be a member of this fine club. You can find more info on their website.spaces business members workspacespaces business members workspaceYou can find Spaces all over Europe, North America, Canada & Asia! If you have to travel a lot for work; this membership will give you access to all Spaces worldwide locations during office hours. Check this page for all the locations.

You can find them here: Hofplein 20, Rotterdam | | | Phone:+31 (0)10 310 0800 | Opening hours for members: Monday – Friday from 800 – 1800

  • Coffee/lunch
  • Wifi
  • Ambience
  • Powersockets


This business club is your ideal place to work, meet and connect with other members of this community. With wifi faster than sound and coffee to boost your workforce.

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