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Work hard, play harder and sleep well | Sparks Hostel

We never made an official introduction for this new category so with no further ado; we just gonna jump straight into this first article for a new chapter called “Work hard, play harder and sleep well.” ( Don’t worry, we will tell you more about this category at the end of this article*). Also, with that, we want to open this story with; Sparks Hostel.

Sparks Hostel is relatively new and situated in one of the oldest pre-war buildings in Rotterdam just five minutes walk from the Central train station. Ideal place for you to stay if you are traveling for business and you have to catch the train or any other public transport early in the morning. We know that Hostel sounds a like a place where youngsters hang out, get drunk and being noisy. However, that is far from that, the guest ranges from students ( they are staying temporarily until they find an own place) to business travelers to easy going tourists. Also, all the rooms, including the dorms, are having an ensuite bathroom, so no sharing. Yes, they also have private rooms.

When entering you will be greeted by the lovely Sparks Hostel staff and are happy to help you get around with the always updated map from Rotterday. The rooms are clean, spacious, very light and minimal. You will find a small table, a chair and a closet for your clothing. Of course a bed as well. If you are looking for anything like a boiler for water or your coffee machine or some snacks, well you have to drop by the lobby then. They are eventually still a hostel ;).

The lobby is designed to have the feel of a living room. Entering you will find students, digital nomads, guest sitting at tables doing some work. Moreover, some of them are even in the kitchen cooking up a storm. We can imagine that after a long day at work, you don’t want to stand a kitchen for a long time. So that is why we picked three of our favorite places that are within walking distance of Sparks Hostel.

China town dim sum
This place is not unfamiliar with the staff of the hotel. This next door Chinese dim sum restaurant is from the same owner. Dim sum is like the Chinese version of Spanish tapas. You order a bunch of small dishes, and you share them with your table companion(s). If you are by yourself, we recommend you order one of their noodle soups with soup dumplings.
Address: Westersingel 1A, 3014 GM Rotterdam 

Kampong Express.
Hidden in one of the streets in Chinatown this small family restaurant serves you the best flavors from Malaysia. So, if you are always on the look for the best Laksa or Hainanese chicken rice outside of Asia; Don’t look further, this is the best you can get. And even for vegetarians, they have various options to suit your taste. 
Address: Gouvernestraat 2B, 3014 PN Rotterdam

Suicide club.
The suicide club is the only rooftop bar that is located right in City center and in an iconic building with much history to it. With cocktails and food to die for (no pun intended, really). If go with colleagues and you can’t decide on what to eat, we recommend the sharing dishes. They are open for dinner, and after that, you can even dance your night away (only weekends).
Address: Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam

Yes, yes, we know that we already sound like a broken record player with that phrase, so we decided to make it more original. At least we tried. We do have to admit that after some hard work, you need some decent hours of sleep to recharge. We dedicated this expression to a new category on the website; finding the best places where you can have yours after work shenanigans and get a great sleep afterward to restore your energy. This category is all about sleeping and discovering places to play (eat, drink) in that same surroundings. You can see it as a mini travel guide.

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