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Kitchen Basics | Cashew Butter

So let’s talk about butters, nut butters. I know everybody is familiar with peanut butter but there are tons of other nut butters. A few that you are common to find in your organic supermarket are hazelnut, almond and cashew! Let’s talk about my latest finding.


My latest discovery was cashew butter. Whilst doing some groceries shopping in my local organic supermarket, I bumped into the section with all kind of nut butters, date syrups, tahini sauces etc. I have to admit that I’m not really fond of peanut butter but I was willing to try the cashew butter. After picking up the jar I almost fainted when I saw the price. Good grace, I felt like I had a gold mine in my hands. I decided to put it back and run to my favorite shop that sells fifty different sort of nuts. It’s way cheaper, you only need two ingredients and it’s healthier since you’re making it from scratch!

Fun fact: In Dutch we translated peanut butter in ‘Pindakaas’ which literally translates to peanut cheese. I know that it doesn’t make any sense but if someone out there knows how this happened let me know.


2 cups raw cashew
pinch of salt

Grab your food processor and put the cashews in the container. Add pinch of salt and let the processor do the work. When the nuts are starting to crumble and looks like thick paste, at this point you might wanna scrape down the sides a few times during this process. Let it spin for a few more minutes and slowly you will see that the nuts are releasing their oils. When you have a smooth consistency, spoon everything in a clean sterilized jar. You can keep this up to 2-3 weeks in the fridge.


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