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Raw vegan choco mousse

You might not believe me when I say that this chocolate mousse contains zero heavy cream, eggs or any other dairy products. Even better, it takes like 5 minutes to make it.


When it comes to healthy recipes, there is no rule when you eat it. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, dessert or even as a post-workout snack. Avocado contains a good amount of healthy fatties that will help with healing of the muscle and the joints and there is enough vitamin B to kickstart your metabolism. That will help your body to digest the healthy carbs and proteins. On top of that, the banana will give you that much-needed energy boost after your workout.


I left this recipe quite basic, so feel free to play around with the ingredients. You add some orange zest for some extra freshness, add more banana to make it sweeter, I’ll leave that up to you. Don’t be shy when you add toppings 😉

Ps: If you don’t have immersion blender aka hand blender, you can also use a blender.

Raw vegan choco mousse
Makes 2 big portions

1 big ripe avocado
2- 3 tbsp sweetener of choice
1/2 ripe banana
3 tbs raw cacao powder
splash of plantmilk

In a big bowl add all the ingredients. Go in with an immersion blender till all the ingredients are forming a mousse. If it is too dense, add a little bit more plantmilk. Serve it in a glass with toppings of your choice. Topping ideas:
Pomegranate seeds, Pumpkinseeds, (Desiccated) coconut flakes, Grated chocolate


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