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Rock ‘n Rollin’

The first time I made these rolls for my photographer (and one of my best friends) he kindly notices that it looked like food in a condom. Ok, it may look like it but yeah.. I’m talking about vegetables, bean threads and fresh herbs wrapped in a rice wrapper. It’s chewy, light, refreshing and it comes with awesome sauce to dip in. If I may say that about my sauces of corse. 
This dish originated from Vietnam and although I have never been there, I found a few good restaurants in Rotterdam that serve awesome Pho (pronounce as fuh) a super fragrant soup boiled with herbs, marrow and served rice noodles. And gỏi cuốn literally translation: salad in a roll, thank you wikipedia.


The best thing, it comes with super awesome sauce to dip into. I mean, putting food in wrapper isn’t rocket science. The peanut sauce (not the regular that comes with your meat on a stick) is bursting with flavors, it’s light yet creamy, a little spicy and it compliments the roll perfectly. The other one is a traditional sweet, sour, spicy dip. Made with fishsauce, lemon juice, palm sugar and peppers. Man it’s heaven! Writing about it, makes me wanna run to that restaurant and eat them all!



Back to my food in a condom. I actually call this ‘my lazy dinner for one or two or a whole party’. When I’m really not in the mood for cooking (which rarely happens) I just turn to the; Rice wrappers with a bunch of random raw and grilled vegetables. It’s super easy to make and admit it who doesn’t want to play with food? Grill some eggplant, cut up some avocado, use your kiwi peeler to make carrot and zucchini strands, boil some noodles..I mean you can put almost everything inside your wrapper. You can leave your veggies raw or you can stir fry them, add some stir fry mushroom. Depending on how lazy you are, I’ll just leave that up to you.


Ow wait and don’t forget the sauce, the best part of the ‘food in a condom’ experience.

Peanut Tahini sauce

1 tbs tahini
1 tbs water
1 tbs lemon juice
1 1/2 tbs agave syrup
1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 clove garlic
pinch of salt
pinch of chili flakes

Put everything in the food processor and blend till you have smooth consistency. Depending on your own taste, you can add more lemon juice, agave, peanuts. Just make sure the flavors are in balance.

1/3 cup rice vinegar
2 tbs fish sauce
1 tbs palm sugar
1/2 tbs lime juice
1/2 tbs garlic, minced
1/2 tbs red chili pepper, minced

Whisk rice vinegar, fish sauce, palm sugar, lime juice, garlic, and minced red pepper together in a small bowl. Set the dipping sauce aside. Adjust the sauce to your taste by using more chilies (or less), or more lemon juice. Just find your taste palate.

Rock ‘n Rollin’
Serves 4

8 sheets of rice wrappers
1 Egg plant, cut in strips
1 Carrot, in strands
1 Zucchini, in strands
1 1/2 cup rice noodles (or soba)
handful of spinach

NOTE: Before you start dipping your sheets into the water, I recommend you to watch this short video for assembling instructions.

Grab a big plate, bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Soak the rice wrappers in lukewarm water, till they soaked up some water. You don’t want them to be soggy, so pull them out when they are a little translucent. Put them on a plate, or a glass cutting board. Now the fun part! Put your veggies, noodles, and herbs in the middle and start rollin’. Eat them right away or If you have a big party to serve, you can make them before hand. Just keep them covered with kitchen foil and put them in the fridge. Remember; Rollin’, dipping and eating!


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